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Complete correlation in data analytics course for beginners using Excel

Complete correlation in data analytics course for beginners using Excel


1. Understanding Correlation: Delve into what correlation is and why it’s a game-changer in data analytics!
2. The Power Behind Correlation: Explore the significance of correlation and its pivotal role in making informed decisions.
3. Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient Demystified: Get hands-on with Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient and grasp its implications.
4. Correlation in Data Analytics: Uncover how correlation adds value to data analytics, elevating predictive analysis.
5. Enabling the Data Analytics Toolpak in Excel: Seamlessly set up your Excel environment with our step-by-step guide for flawless data analytics.
6. Calculating Correlation for Numerical Data: Master the art of calculating correlation for numerical data like a pro.
7. Crafting a Correlation Matrix: Learn the technique of creating a correlation matrix for comprehensive insights.
8. Visualizing Correlation with Scatter Plots: Elevate your presentation skills by showcasing correlations using dynamic scatter plots.
9. Correlation for Categorical Data: Explore nuances in calculating correlation for categorical data – a must-know for well-rounded analytics!
10. Conclusion: Sum it all up and gain actionable takeaways for immediate application in your data analytics journey!

-What is causation
-The difference between correlation and causation
-Business case studies


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